Happy End
Viviane Galloway's costumes are vividly character-defining and provide rich period detail.
nytheatre.com. Martin Denton, April 29, 2007

"Methods of an Addicted Costume Designer"
Contributed by Viviane Galloway. Follow link for full article.
Full of IT: Insights from The Innovative Theatre Foundation and the OOB community

Mrs. California
The set design by Viviane Galloway is inspired—these three-dimensional, vibrant women are forced to live in a two-dimensional world. The paper-doll house set is both chilling and cute, and both sound designer Di Drago and lighting designer Robert Eberle do a fine job adding to this suffocating, but still pointedly funny, world.

nytheatre.com. Josephine Cashman , March 17, 2006 

​"Interview: Heather E. Cunningham"   Works by Women,  Lanie Zipoy 5/2/2011

Q: You’re working with a Who’s Who of indie theater — actors Shea Gines, Joe Mathers and Matthew Trumbull, costume designer Viviane Galloway and more. What’s the experience been like?

A: Well, I have to say, I feel like a lucky duck! . . . Viviane has been one of my closest friends for, gosh, going on a decade now. This will be the third show she’s designed for Retro, and I’ve always had the utmost respect for her. It is unbelievable what she accomplishes on next to no money. I wonder how she does it!

We are a Masterpiece

All aspects of this play will induce a sense of wonder.  Viviane Galloway's costumes range from down-to-earth nurses to a rainbow priest; Galloway also did the makeup for the lesions that cover many of the AIDS patients.

Theater in the Now. Ed Malin, April 22, 2018 

Mother Courage
Viviane Galloway's evocative costumes add immeasurably to the environment.  

nytheatre.com. Martin Denton · September 2, 2005

The Cradle Will Rock

​​Viviane Galloway’s charming, nearly comically conservative costumes (nothing is cut above the knee or below the collarbone) tie into the show’s theme with superb accuracy.

Theater Talk's New Theater Corps. Amanda Halkiotis, February 23, 2010 

"Viviane Galloway: Thinking Way Outside the Box"   

Follow link for full interview.

StoryCraft: Janie Bullard, 12/30/2014

The Tempest

Viviane Galloway’s costume design distinguishes the production, setting it in a resemblance of the 19th century, but with a whimsy that befits a magical story. 

OOBR (The Off Broadway Review). Michael D. Jackson Vol. 14, No. 6.